Scientific and practical activity

Estimation of commercial hydrocarbon reserves


The Department carries out research and analytical activities in the field of geological modeling and hydrocarbon reserves estimation, maintenance and monitoring of digital database on the reserve balance for deposits and fields of KhMAO – Yugra.

Basic fields of work:

• Maintenance of the digital database on the balance of oil, gas, condensate, components and sulfur with graphic documentations (reserve estimation maps) differentiated by deposits in accordance with requirements of new classification of reserves and resources.
• Preparation of regional balance of oil, gas, condensate, components and sulfur reserves in the fields of unallocated and allocated subsoil funds of of KhMAO – Yugra.
• Dynamics analysis of the balance and structure of hydrocarbon reserve of fields of KhMAO – Yugra beginning from years when they were discovered.
• Analysis of hard-to-recover oil reserves including feasibility of criteria of deposit identification of hard-to-recover reserve, differentiation and monitoring of deposits following categories of hard-to-recover reserves.
• Interpretation of geophysical well logging data on new and previously drilled wells of the unallocated subsoil fund of KhMAO – Yugra, uploading of interpretation data into the local database of Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil.

• Geomodelling, integrated interpretation of geophysical well logging data, feasibility of reserve estimation data, and estimation of hydrocarbon reserves with presentation in State Commission for Reserves of Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra).
• Retrospective analysis of historical materials, update of geological models and immediate recalculation of hydrocarbon reserves of “old” fields of the unallocated subsoil reserve fund. Discovery of new deposits and fields from the category “overlooked”.
• Analysis of the fulfillment of license agreement terms by subsoil users in terms of estimation of hydrocarbon reserves of fields.
• Correlation of geological models, volumetric parameters and hydrocarbon reserves of transboundary fields.
• Examination of subsoil users’ reports on the estimation of hydrocarbon reserves.


Gerasimchuk Tatyana Antonovna