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STULOV Petr Aleksandrovich

First Deputy Director
Temporarily in Charge of the Director

He has two university degrees in the following specialties: “Geoecology”, “Geology of oil and gas”; he is a postgraduate student of the Industrial University of Tyumen city. He carries out a unique project on the foundation of the Core Research Center of deposits with reserves of hard-to-recover oil on the basis of the Core Storage Facility of the region. He holds research and practice conferences in Khanty-Mansiysk and international exhibitions and conferences every year. He was awarded with certificates of honor.


ALENICHEV Sergey Nikolaevich

Deputy Director

He has more than 40 years of labor experience. He started as an operator for borehole testing and production and became the Head of the Enterprise. He has considerable practical experience. He is in charge of the fields of work concerning widespread mineral deposits, solid mineral resources and underground waters. He was awarded with letters of appreciation and certificates of honor of the Governor of KhMAO, Duma of KhMAO – Yugra, with certificate of honor of the Ministry of Energy of the RF. He is a distinguished worker in oil and gas producing industry of KhMAO – Yugra.


VTORUSHINA Ella Aleksandrovna

Deputy Director for Science

Candidate of Chemical Sciences
Ella Aleksandrovna has been working at Autonomous Institution “V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil” since 2015.
So far, she was the Head of the Laboratory for Geochemical Examination of Core. She is an author of numerous scientific works included in English.
She is now involved in developing of Core Research Center, in charge of the laboratories, provides the interaction between Autonomous Institution “V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil” and other scientific organizations.


LAZAR Larisa Aleksandrovna

Chief Accountant

She has a university degree in the specialty “Accounting”. She is a highly skilled specialist who has a wide scope of knowledge of regulatory and legislative acts in the field of economics, accounting and budgetary accounting. She is an implementer of the accounting policy of the Centre. In 2005-2006 Autonomous Institution “V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil” was awarded by the title of “The best taxpayer of the year”. L.A. Lazar has a title of honor “Honored accountant of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra”.

TYUMEN:   Office (3452) 40-47-10, 62-19-01, Faх: 32-62-91; crru@crru.ru


ZAKHAROVA Larisa Mikhaylovna

Deputy Director

She started as an engineer and became the Head of Geology Department since 1993. Larisa Mikhaylovna is highly qualified specialist in field of stratigraphy, paleogeography, paleogeomorphology and forecast of West Siberia’s oil and gas potential.  Over 100 fields were discovered with her direct involvement. She is an author and a co-author of numerous research papers and reports.
Exploration projects, supplementary exploration projects and programs of prospecting and appraisal works are running under leadership of Zakharova Larisa Mikhaylovna. She is currently responsible for Subdivision in Tyumen.


DZHUGASHVILI Olga Vladimirovna

Deputy Director for Organizational Work

She is a mining engineer-geologist by training. She controls conditions for efficient work of all subdivisions and procurement activities of the Centre, she plays an active part in the exchange of scientific information among scientists – organization of the annual research and practice conference “Ways of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra’s Oil and Gas Potential Realization”, participation in holding of international exhibitions, conferences, forums, congresses, member of Russian delegations, etc. She was awarded with certificates of honor.





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