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KOPYTOV Andrey Grigoryevich


He is the Candidate of Technical Sciences. He began his work at National Enterprise of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra “V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil” in the Monitoring of Oil Field Development in 2001. He is an Associate Professor of Department of Development and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Fields of Tyumen Industrial University, a member of the State Commissions in the subsoil use field, an expert of the Russian Federation on subsoil use. He worked in decision-making positions in the oil and gas industry.
He is the author of 20 scientific articles, 8 patents and certificates for the invention.
Andrey Grigoryevich is the Executive Director and the Head of more than 30 research works for oil and gas companies, including two state contracts for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
The main scientific direction is to analyze the efficiency of the applied reservoir stimulation technologies, to develop recommendations for improvement and adaptation of development systems on complex structure reservoirs in order to increase the oil recovery.
He started as the Director of Аutonomous Institution of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra "V.I.Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of Subsoil" in November, 2022.


STULOV Petr Aleksandrovich

First Deputy Director

He has two university degrees in the following specialties: “Geoecology”, “Geology of oil and gas”; he is a postgraduate student of the Industrial University of Tyumen city. He carries out a unique project on the foundation of the Core Research Center of deposits with reserves of hard-to-recover oil on the basis of the Core Storage Facility of the region. He holds research and practice conferences in Khanty-Mansiysk and international exhibitions and conferences every year. He was awarded with certificates of honor.


YAKOVLEV Mikhail Sergeevich

Deputy Director

Graduated from the Ural State Mining and Geological Academy. Organized and supervised the implementation of integrated digital control systems, new technologies and new projects in the search, exploration and development control of mineral deposits. Participated in the development and production of new types of machine-building and instrument-making products. He worked in senior positions of industrial and scientific-technical enterprises and divisions. In V.I.Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre, he heads the work of the Core and Reservoir Fluids Research.

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LEVKOVICH Sergey Vladimirovich

Deputy Director for Science

Holder of PhD in Technical Sciences. Research and business interests: field development design and monitoring, operating activities, field geology, ecology, infrastructure and industrial safety.
Senior Lecturer of Development and operation university chair in Tyumen Industrial University. Teaches a course of lectures on subjects: "Design of development of oil and gas fields", "Methods of control and regulation of development of oil and gas fields", "Operation and development of offshore fields".
Current member of the Eurasian Union of Experts on Subsoil Management.


ZAKHAROVA Larisa Mikhaylovna

Deputy Director

She started as an engineer and became the Head of Geology Department since 1993. Larisa Mikhaylovna is highly qualified specialist in field of stratigraphy, paleogeography, paleogeomorphology and forecast of West Siberia’s oil and gas potential.  Over 100 fields were discovered with her direct involvement. She is an author and a co-author of numerous research papers and reports.
Exploration projects, supplementary exploration projects and programs of prospecting and appraisal works are running under leadership of Zakharova Larisa Mikhaylovna.





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